Plastic Forming Machine

KS-76/112IIIA Plastic Forming Machine | Main Characteristics

1.Upper and lower mold vertical stroke, and middle gate travel (synchronized) are electrically adjusted to ensure accuracy, uniformity and stability.
2.The temperature is controlled by solid-state voltage regulator, which in turn makes it more moderate and easy to control, with less power consumption.
3.A sheet is fed by motor and worm gear reduction, speed is variable by frequency converter, length is determined by rotary encoder and text display, which is easy to operate and control.
4.This machine uses vibration demoulding and remoulding to perfect the forming and avoid deformation, e.g.: forming thickness, flipping, weld line, hard drawing angle.
5.The front gate, middle gate, rear gate and moulding of this machine can be separately controlled by manual or automatic mode, which is more suitable to various forming operations.
6.The loading rack uses a two-roller unit to allow for the convenient and fast operation.
7.This machine mainly comprises imported electrical components to ensure the machine quality.
8.The electric mould plate and chiller (optional) operate for conditioning to make the product more convenient and fast.
9.Automatic counting.